Marketing has massively changed over the past ten years, in the past pictures didn’t matter when it comes to marketing but it has developed and they are now super important. Businesses used to advertise via yellow pages or paid advertising such as billboards, this has completely changed after the majority of people started using search engines.

The development of technology has majorly affected how marketing works too, as has the establishment of social media. Social media has changed the relationship between the consumer and the supplier, in the past consumers would be stuck on hold for long periods if they had complaints, the consumer’s attitudes have changed as marketing changed and now, they expect to be able to contact a company by social media and get a quick response.

The consumer now has more power as if they’re not satisfied with reply time then they’ll move on to another company who will respond faster, due to this as a company you’ll have to work harder at marketing yourself and selling yourself to consumers, using pictures is a big part of how to do this. If you’re stuck on old marketing techniques and haven’t adapted to this change then this article will help you realize why they’re so important.

Pictures in Marketing

We are currently living in an age where the majority of the population have a camera on their phones in their pockets which is making people get used to visual culture and language and so come to expect pictures in advertising. Taking pictures has become so accessible it’s become a part of everyday life, a fun fact about pictures is that 10% of all the photos ever taken were taken in the last 10 months so have increasing importance in marketing. There are some interesting statistics that highlight how pictures have taken over marketing, these include; articles that have images in them rather than just text attract 94% more views than articles without, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider a service or a product if there is a picture and including a photo in a press release gains around 45% more views. These make it clear that pictures increase interest which is vital to marketing techniques.


How to Use Pictures Effectively

Pictures that you use in marketing need to be of high quality, this is backed up by statistics as 67% of consumers believe that the quality of an image is important when deciding on a product to purchase and they rate the quality of the image of a product as more important than the product information, a detailed description and the ratings and reviews associated with the product. Instagram is a popular social media to take advantage of to use for marketing. Instagram stories are extremely useful for marketing as it allows you to post more often without appearing too much on your followers feeds and annoying potential customers.

It’s important that your posts look aesthetically appealing on this site, there are some tips on how to make your pictures look the best they can including taking photos with a high-quality camera and change the background color on your instagram story to either contrast with your post to make it pop or add to the aesthetic with a complimentary color. Facebook and Twitter have both also become social media’s that have become popular for marketing purposes too, most online stores or businesses that offer services will have a Facebook page, check any of them out and you’ll find that the successful ones have lots of pictures.

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