Within any business, you are going to have certain types of people who are more inclined to invest in your products and services and those who are less likely to. With this in mind, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you think about different aspects of your business such as location and branding and how you can tailor these things to attract the type of customer who is more likely to spend their money with you. It should go without saying that if you are attracting customers who are suited to your companies ideals then you are going to see much more profit than if you were wasting time advertising to groups that are not very likely to go ahead with a purchase.  

 Choosing The Right Customer

 There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of customer that you want to direct your marketing material towards, you want to do your best to avoid missing any potential customers by not including them within your marketing. Some industries are simpler to decide than others but I would highly recommend that you partake in extensive market research to establish what the public feels about the recommended customer would be for your business.  

 If you are successful with your research you should have a better idea of the direction you should take your marketing material, if you are not seeing the results you desire then you can always alter your advertising material to cater to a wider audience. As you start making more sales and getting into the rhythm of running your business it is very likely that you will be able to see the types of customers you should cater to in a much clearer way.  

Social Media

 Social media is a very effective marketing tool that can also be used to conduct virtual market research into potential customers for your business. As a new business, you should be taking advantage of all of the business functions that are available within Instagram so using your account you could also conduct market research, this would save a lot of time and resources that would be spent doing the research in person and you can access a much larger amount of people pretty easily.  

You could also create a customer profile based upon the gender, age group, and lifestyle of the people who follow your pages, as the people who follow your accounts are likely to be people who are interested in your services you will be able to clearly see the type of customer who is likely to make a purchase with you. By posting regularly on your business accounts you are going to keep people interested and you could even plan Instagram stories to save time and ensure you are posting ahead of schedule.  

How to Find The Clientele relevant to Your Business.

 If you are a pretty new business it is likely that you may be struggling with finding the right customers for your business, this is not something you should worry about too much as you will establish this over time when you have gained more experience with running a business and keeping your customers happy. A great way to speed up the process would be to set up some kind of questionnaire where you could offer those who complete it a voucher, this would not only entice people to come back to your store but also provides you with valuable feedback that can be used to ensure you are catering to your customer’s needs.  

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