It should be no surprise that the technology industry has made the top position on this list as it would have to be one of the biggest industries in terms of revenue and profit. The technology industry is one that is going through rapid development and change due to the seemingly constant release and the invention of new devices for us to enjoy. Due to the upscale price of the technology industry, it is arguably one of the biggest money-makers within our current consumer market, with big names like Apple and Sony competing for the industry top spot it is a very competitive market with many tech producers racing to release the newest and most innovative device. In 2020 there has been a real need for new technology with lockdown confining us to our homes. People are looking to make tech upgrades to improve their home lives during our current situation.



With the virus limiting our movements you would have thought that the fashion industry would have suffered greatly with people not being able to visit the shops as freely as what was once possible. However thanks to the innovative nature of the industry and the use of online websites and social media to advertise and sell clothes, the fashion industry is doing very well right now. With people stuck in their homes one of the best things to do to pass the time would be to treat yourself to some online shopping.


It looks as if the fashion and clothing industry knew this beforehand because there has been a significant increase in the amount of online advertising and social media posts encouraging buyers to look online for their clothes rather than waiting until they can visit in-store. 2020 has also encouraged fashion to change with there being more demand for comfy yet stylish home clothes to accommodate the times that we are currently living in. With people having fewer occasions to dress up for it makes sense that fashion brands would focus on supplying people with comfier clothes that they can feel good in.



Although many manual industries may have seen a decrease in their custom in recent times the plumbing industry is not one to have seen a drop in demand. As people rely upon the functionality of their home plumbing every day the industry has had to change to accommodate the covid guidelines that now have to be adhered to. This has not however changed the attitude of the hard-working people that make up this industry with online reviews such as “ this plumber really helped with fixing my bathroom whilst making sure he kept his distance and wore a mask the whole time” popping up all over many company review pages. It is nice to see that industry as a whole can make such an impression during these troubling times and to continue working hard for their money as well as looking after their customers is commendable.



During lockdown it seems that the DIY industry has seen a huge increase in demand, many people are taking this newfound time to improve their home and to start all of the home projects that they previously didn’t have time to do. DIY material retailers up and down the country have seen a huge increase in purchases, with paint, flat-pack furniture, and home tools being some of the most purchased items, it is strange for the industry to see such a big boom in profit during a pandemic but the fact that so many people are trying to use their time wisely is nice to see.


Food and Drink

If there was an industry that you could have predicted would remain in demand during the pandemic then the food and drink industry was my top pick, it is no surprise that the food and drink market has not seen a decline with so many of us spending more time indoors. One of the biggest comforts to people around the world right now comes from cooking delicious and nutritionally balanced meals, the lockdown has provided the opportunity to switch up your meal routines and the food industry is definitely seeing the benefit.


Toys and Children’s Entertainment

Entertaining children was a huge goal for parents all over the world during 2020 so it is no surprise to see that the children’s entertainment industry is doing very well right now. There have however been many industry changes with a decline in the sale of outdoor toys and more people looking for forms of entertainment that can also be educational. With all of the disruptions to many children’s home and school life, it makes sense that there has been more demand for toys that can serve an educational purpose as well as keeping the children happy.


Cosmetics Industry

The final industry on this list is the cosmetics industry, much like the fashion industry, it is shocking that this industry has not seen much of a decline with more and more people having to avoid going out and staying indoors. However, the cosmetics industry has always had a huge market for those looking to try new things, with lockdown becoming the new normality the cosmetics could have seen more custom from people looking to experiment with new products while they have the time to have fun with the cosmetics that they use.

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