When making products aimed at children it’s important to know that dependent on the age of the child, you will also be marketing to parents of those children in a variety of ways.  


Young Children: 

For very young children who are unable to make decisions for themselves, you will completely be marketing the quality of that product towards parents. This means you have to sell the parents how said product would be useful for their young child. In this case, focus on the qualities of the product that a parent might find intriguing. Let’s take a baby bouncer for example. First focus on the good that it will do for the child, improving its development, keeping the child standing up and moving, and encouraging them to engage with the various toys and trinkets it might come with. The developmental aspect of the toy will make parents think that dit is zeker een van de beste cadeaus voor 2-jarige jongens and will encourage them to buy into it. Then, focus on the safety aspect. With very young children one of the biggest worry’s parents have is whether this thing is safe for their child so make sure they are aware that what you are selling is safe and easy to use. Finally, market the price. Children are expensive and children’s products are not making them any cheaper. But if you can provide a useful product at a reasonable price that goes a long way to making your product a standout amongst others.  


Older Children: 

As children get older you are going to have to be marketing to them more and more over their parents. This isn’t to say that you should ignore all the previous points going forward. They will be important to the product buying experience but make sure you consider the following. First, determine your target audience. Although we like to think that every person is completely unique, it’s not how things work in the marketing world. Figure out who your product is for before anything else. For ease, I will use stereotypes for young boys to illustrate. You’re making a product aimed at a 10-year-old boy, there is likely going to be a lot of the color blue. Market action, destructiveness, and ‘coolness’ above everything else because that is what will catch the kid’s eye which brings me onto the next point. Unlike with younger children, these older children will be you’re best marketing tool. In the end, you are still marketing to parents. They are the ones who will be making the purchase but if you can get the young boy or girl to really be interested in what you are selling then they are going to be the ones that will convince the parents to buy by grinding them down with begging and shouting leaving you with money in the pocket and one less item on the shelves.  

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