There are a few words in the English language that can strike fear into someone with ease. One of these words is the word Debt. It fills us with worry and anxiety. The idea that we can be haunted by these huge debt values that, in some cases, will be with us forever.

But sometimes debt can be positive. A debt of honor to be repaid. A life-long debt to a friend. The debt associated with the new house you just bought. Despite how scary it is, we happily put ourselves into debt to further our lives.

But why are we so willing to put ourselves into debt. One of the big reasons is because Loan Companies have done a fantastic job at marketing themselves over the last few decades. Marketing is a powerful tool. It can make the worst people look incredible. And we are going to look at exactly how Loan Companies manage to market themselves with such grace and decorum. And also look at how you can implement these strategies into your own marketing campaigns.



When it comes to dealing with loans and debts, there is a lot of red tapes. And we mean a lot. Even looking up something like an overview of the title loan regulations in Texas can seem like a daunting task to someone uninformed about how this all works.

So the first step loan companies often take is to make sure their marketing is clear and informative. Because the easiest way to win someone’s trust is to teach them about your service in a friendly manner. And that is exactly what they do. They will simplify the information and pass it along, allowing the customer to feel informed enough to make a decision, while also making them feel reassured and developing trust between them.



Loan Companies are frightfully consistent with their marketing. It is rare to watch TV without seeing at least a couple of loan adverts within an hour. It could be argued these adverts are as common as McDonald’s or Coke.

But consistency is not a bad thing. Far from it. While it may be annoying to see these adverts all the time, it is directly linked to how successful their marketing strategies actually are. Consistent marketing ensures maximum visibility. And visibility directly translates into new customers, no matter what your field of business is.

But consistency doesn’t just mean showering as many adverts out into the world as you can. You also need to be making sure the adverts are consistent in terms of content. What message are you trying to convey with a particular campaign? What demographic are you trying to hit? Your adverts need to be consistent in hitting these markers if you are to bring in new clients.



A lot of marketing is often focused on selling a product that, while helpful and in demand, is not entirely good for the people buying it. Fast food is unhealthy. Booze is poison. And loans come with debt. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to downplay all the negative elements relating to your product.

And no one does this better than loan companies. Have you ever noticed their adverts are bright and cheery? They use friendly faces, warm colors, and upbeat music. They avoid using the word debt almost always and they emphasize the fairness and quality of their interest-rates and repayment schemes.

But so much has been purposefully left out, much to their advantage. If they were to be brutally honest about their service, they would fail to bring in any new customers.

Downplaying isn’t a dirty word. Far from it. The commercial world is built up upon the very idea of downplaying the worst aspects of something so the customer can focus on the good and joy it can bring them.



So how can all of this be applied to your own marketing strategies going forward? If what you are trying to market is vastly different from the world of loans, don’t worry, these lessons still apply.

Firstly, you need to keep it simple. Hone in on your product or the message you are trying to convey. And then cut it down into bite-size portions. This is what you want to present to the world. The idea is to reel them in and make them ask you about it.

Second, be consistent. Make sure you are running a full campaign that stays on message, hits your target demographic, and is visible where it needs to be. Exposure equals sales down the line.

Lastly, downplay where it is needed. Don’t bog your customers down with needless jargon or negativity. Stay positive, stay on message and you will go far.

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