By the time you’re developing the Home Page for your website, your storefront in online marketing, it is critical that you understand the emotional needs of your target audience. 

Put your logo, photo, name and tagline in the banner of the page, assuming you are a solopreneur. Use your logo colors. If you have more than one principle in your business, it is a good idea to feature them throughout your home page.

Create a headline that addresses his/her emotional need and demonstrates how your product solves that need. Asking a question is a good way of gaining interest. Are you tired of spending time on social media when you don’t know how to quantify the results?

Step 1: The Story of Your Business

The owner of the company needs to create a compelling story as to why he or she created this business to solve the ideal client’s biggest problem. This story needs to relate so well to your target that you can flip quickly from the opening of your story to “I’m a lot like you.” (The story format with extreme empathy is the cornerstone of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.) From there, you discuss the prospect’s problem — agitate, agitate and solve the problem with your product.

This creates more interest and enables you to personally introduce yourself to your audience if you tell the story in a video. You may then feature the video script below the video for those who prefer reading. Include video controls on your player, in case your prospect gets interrupted while watching it. Everyone’s busy and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Create something of value that you know your target audience cannot live without. Use an optin box. My colleague, Adam Hommey asks for their “real email address.” That adds interest and likely ensures he gets more “top-level” email addresses, versus those used for spam filtering. Put “Instant Access” or “Send Me My Videos” on the button to increase perceived value – versus the standard callout, “Submit.”

Step 2: Keep it New

There are a variety of ways to do this in online marketing. You may choose to feature one customer per month in the side bar and let them tell a success story using your product. You may feature your recent posts and Twitter updates in a blog roll format. Always invite your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed to increase points of contact with your target. Post your live events. If you’re home page is a blog, by it’s very nature, the content will be new.

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