When it comes to owning a business, the most important element you should focus on is your branding. Branding is everything when it comes to running a successful business, it is what people recognize your company by and what makes you stand out from the rest of your competition.  

The way in which we promote our brands has changed a lot in the last few decades. Instead of relying on posters and billboards, brands have now started to utilize people. In an environment that is as busy as it is, people no longer have the time to stop and check out an ad. This means that a lot of businesses that did choose to advertise that way didn’t get as much attention as they wanted, which means that they only wasted their money and did not get the response that was expected.  

The lack of attention that standard advertisements get means that they are no longer an effective means of putting your brand out there. Instead, businesses are opting for methods that are more eye-catching and engaging for potential customers, and what is more engaging than a real-life human being? 


Businesses have started to employ workers known as ‘promoters’. The job of these promoters is to represent the business and engage with potential customers. Human beings that speak are a lot less difficult to ignore than a poster on the wall, which is why employing a promotion team is an extremely effective way to bring customers in.  

Though the success of employing a promotion team is extremely well known, effectively utilizing this team is something that requires a lot of expertise. Being an effective promoter takes a lot of training, as they really need to know the brand that they will be trying to sell to the public. Though having the information about the business is extremely important, there is no point teaching your promoters all of this needed knowledge if nobody will stop for them.  

The best way in which you can ensure that your promoters are approached by potential customers is by dressing them correctly, however, we understand that this is easier said than done.  Here are some useful tips on how to dress and style your business promoters.  


Make sure that they are clean  

It is important to remember that all workers that are a part of your business represent your company. If any of the promoters that you are employing look unkempt or are dirty, then people will be unlikely to approach them.  

If it doesn’t look like your promoters care, then why should any potential customers care about your brand? Determining whether or not someone has good hygiene can often be determined during the interview process, so this is why meeting any of your potential promoters in person is essential.  

It is recommended that you set some hygiene rules that your promoters must follow before they head out to promote your business, such as having clean hair and ensuring that they smell good. After all, nobody is going to feel the need to approach someone if they do not have a pleasant scent.  


Make sure that what they wear promotes your products or services

If you have promoters working on the streets, most people that go by will unfortunately not be able to stop and chat. This does not necessarily mean that they are not interested in your business, some people simply do not have the time to stop due to other commitments.  

Making the products and services that you have to offer clarity on the clothing of your promoters, will catch the attention of those rushing by. So if your business sold Alto Pods, it would be in your best interest to include an image of the product, along with the product name. Making these two things as large and clear as possible means that people will get to know your product better and may even choose to look it up at a later time.  


Use Vibrant Colors  

As humans, our eyes naturally latch onto anything that is especially bright and eye-catching. This is why the best way to lure in potential customers is by making sure that your promoters stand out. The bolder the color is, the more effective that it will be. Though you want to use bright colors, you do not want the colors that you use to be too abrasive. Colors like reds are off-putting to potential colors, so we recommend that you choose vibrant pinks, blues, or yellows.  

Depending on where you have decided to situate your promoters, it is likely that they will have other promoters to compete with.  Before you set your promoters free in the space, you should first take note of the other colors that are being used by the other businesses and then try and set your workers apart from the others within that area. 


Make them fun 

There is nothing more unappealing than seeing workers that look miserable. Promoting is hard work and sometimes workers cannot help but look a little worn out. The best thing you can do is try to disguise their tiredness and even perk them up a little by allowing them to integrate something fun into their work uniform. This could mean face paint or even a funky hat, this will invigorate your workers and even make them more appealing to the general public.  

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