The way in which we market our businesses has drastically changed in the last few years. Gone are the days of purchasing television ad space and putting ads in the local newspaper. The world as we know it has gone completely online and these days you are more likely to find a person deeply engrossed in their online life than their real one.

Due to just how dependent the world has become on the internet and social media, many businesses have decided to take their main form of marketing online. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses are just putting random ads online. Instead, businesses are now creating their very own online identity, which means that many of them have their own social media accounts.

If you are a business owner that has decided to join the social media revolution, then you will know that gaining attention for your social media account is no easy task.  When you set up your social media page, you may have been surprised to realize that you would not be bombarded with likes relatively fast. Here are 6 guaranteed ways to boost your business’s social media following.

Promote Your Posts

If you have had a social media account for some time now and you feel as though you are getting very little engagement, then we recommend that you promote some of your posts. It is important to remember that social media platforms are jam-packed with billions of different pages, so it is easy for yours to be lost among them, even if you are posting good content. Depending on the social media platform you choose to use, they usually have some options for promoting your posts. The promotion may cost you some money, but the exposure that you will get will be worth any cost.

Buy Following

As human beings, it is natural for us to watch to follow the majority. If your page doesn’t have many followers, then people who stumble across it may be reluctant to follow as low likes may be an indication of low-quality content. Obviously, this is not really the case, so to avoid falling victim to this we recommend purchasing followers. If you are someone that operates on Facebook you can boost your facebook by buying followers, this way more people will be inclined to follow you.

Ask for a Shoutout

If your brand has a personal relationship with other brands, then we recommend that you take advantage of it. Something that is common among brands is to do a mutual shout-out. That means that if you promote their brand on your page, then they will do the same for you. This benefits both involved and opens both of your brands up to brand new potential customers. Even if you are not too close to another brand, you can form relationships over-communicating through your social media.

Engage with your Followers

One of the easiest ways that you can keep bringing people into your page is by engaging with your followers. The more active that your page is, the more attention than it will get from potential followers. If you engage with your customers’ comments, then your engagement will show up on their social media accounts, which means that anyone that follows them will be made aware of your brand. Answering your followers also just makes them value your brand more as building up a good reputation is one of the most important things you can do when building up your brand.

Make Sure that your Page Looks Good

A very common mistake that businesses make is not focusing on the look of their page. Using social media platforms is a great opportunity to get your brand out there. There are also many customizable options on most platforms, so you can essentially put your brand’s color and logo wherever you see fit. It is important to make sure that your page is not messy and hard to navigate, as this will simply put off anyone that may be looking to browse your page and find out what kind of product or services that you may offer.

Keep Posting

When your page isn’t initially getting as much attention as you may like, it may be disheartening and so it is very easy to just give up and abandon your social media page. We recommend that you do not do that as you are essentially just giving up on free advertising space. Even if your page doesn’t reach the following that you are hoping for, you are still showing people your products, which will only benefit your business in the long run. It is better to keep trying to gain attention for your service rather than just giving up.

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