In the advanced information age in which we live, everyone has an opinion and there is a place for all those opinions to be heard. The World Wide Web, through Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and blogs, has given a voice to the billions of residents on planet Earth to express their joy, sorrow, outrage, and general opinions on anything and everything. Those looking to launch their own blog for personal or business reasons might think a blog is too difficult to start. Others might think it is as easy as flipping on a light switch.

In between those two opinions is the truth. With the right tips to get started, launching a blog can be easily accomplished by those with a good idea, solid writing skills, and the determination to make it work. The following tips are three strong ideas that will help any individual launch their very first blog with success.

At the risk of backing one template provider over all others, WordPress is universally respected as one of the best providers of blog templates on the internet. That is not to say that there aren’t alternatives available that are fancier or provide a few extra “wow” features, but WordPress offers any blogger a strong, solid base to start on that is easily implemented and maintained.

WordPress comes in two varieties, and The dot org version is an open source platform containing the WordPress software. In order to use it bloggers will need to find their own webhost, but there are no licensing fees associated so it is free to use. The dot com version on the other hand comes with free and paid plans, and is a commercial version of the software that is hosted for the blogger.

The decision between which version to go with is up to the individual, but many bloggers swear by because it allows greater functionality for things such as third party plugins.

No matter how professional a blog appears to be, its success or failure is always going to be dependent upon the quality and freshness of the content. If the material offered on the blog is drab, random, and lacking fresh insights than what is the point in taking the time to read it? All bloggers should strive to provide an attractive theme, a clear voice, and new material to readers in order to keep them engaged and interested.

First and foremost a good blog needs a consistent theme. This doesn’t mean the content should be the same every time, but rather that content should always be relatable back to a central idea. If a blogger has a passion for and knowledge to share regarding motherhood, then their blog should reflect that. Keep the topics focused on motherhood and parenting, and let that passion flow onto the page. Good topics with a passionate approach will keep visitors coming back for more tips, advice, and commentary on parenting.

Next, develop a voice or tone for the blog. There is no need for a blog to be overly formal; in fact most people follow blogs that offer truthful, straightforward opinions on real world matters because it offers a glimpse into the world without sugar coating.

Finally, make sure that new content is coming to the blog with a reasonable degree of frequency. This might be the most difficult part to master with a blog. There is a difference between new content and writing just to post something new. Mindless drivel isn’t likely to keep readers coming back for more.

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to post three times a week if possible. Some weeks there simply won’t be topics to cover, but that doesn’t mean research should stop. Be on the lookout for newsworthy information that can be turned into a blog post. When a blog is being launched for the first time, it might be a good idea to spend a few weeks posting and finding a routine for doing so before announcing to the world that a new blog is out there.

Social media is everywhere and it may not be an understatement to say that a blog will never reach its greatest potential without a social media component. From a development standpoint, ensure that the blog has plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and the myriad of other social sharing websites so readers can directly link content they enjoy to social media. Regardless of how millions around the globe access the internet, be it from their mobile devices or home internet by providers such as, most are using social media on a daily basis.

More importantly however, interact with followers through social media. Not everyone is going to have something nice to say on social media, but it does offer a blogger the opportunity to positively interact with followers and build a relationship that will keep them coming back for more.

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