Customer Engagement vs. Network Size

When I first started out in social media, I was focused on getting large networks to establish my credibility. As I accomplished this, I began to realize that customer engagement was more important than network size. (But in my case, I found that they worked together. More on that later.) …

Social Media

Youtube: How to Gain Popularity as a Content Creator

Youtube: How to Gain Popularity as a Content Creator

Before the introduction of the internet, we were limited when it came to the careers that we would be able to pursue. You could either choose to work in the academic field or do something a bit more practical, which wasn’t necessarily fitting for everyone. In the last few years, …


The Complete Guide to Customer Profiling

Within any business, you are going to have certain types of people who are more inclined to invest in your products and services and those who are less likely to. With this in mind, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you think about different aspects of …


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Why Can’t I Open Rolling Stone Newsletter?

The magazine is opening up its archives to the public, so that anyone can read select stories from its nearly 50 years of publication. Google Play Newsstand will offer all of the stories, making it a big deal for Google that should help promote the app’s sales of digital magazines …