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6 Guaranteed Ways to Boost your Businesses Social Media Following

The way in which we market our businesses has drastically changed in the last few years. Gone are the days of purchasing television ad space and putting ads in the local newspaper. The world as we know it has gone completely online and these days you are more likely to find a person deeply engrossed in their online life than their real one.

Due to just how dependent the world has become on the internet and social media, many businesses have decided to take their main form of marketing online. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses are just putting random ads online. Instead, businesses are now creating their very own online identity, which means that many of them have their own social media accounts.

If you are a business owner that has decided to join the social media revolution, then you will know that gaining attention for your social media account is no easy task.  When you set up your social media page, you may have been surprised to realize that you would not be bombarded with likes relatively fast. Here are 6 guaranteed ways to boost your business’s social media following.

Promote Your Posts

If you have had a social media account for some time now and you feel as though you are getting very little engagement, then we recommend that you promote some of your posts. It is important to remember that social media platforms are jam-packed with billions of different pages, so it is easy for yours to be lost among them, even if you are posting good content. Depending on the social media platform you choose to use, they usually have some options for promoting your posts. The promotion may cost you some money, but the exposure that you will get will be worth any cost.

Buy Following

As human beings, it is natural for us to watch to follow the majority. If your page doesn’t have many followers, then people who stumble across it may be reluctant to follow as low likes may be an indication of low-quality content. Obviously, this is not really the case, so to avoid falling victim to this we recommend purchasing followers. If you are someone that operates on Facebook you can boost your facebook by buying followers, this way more people will be inclined to follow you.

Ask for a Shoutout

If your brand has a personal relationship with other brands, then we recommend that you take advantage of it. Something that is common among brands is to do a mutual shout-out. That means that if you promote their brand on your page, then they will do the same for you. This benefits both involved and opens both of your brands up to brand new potential customers. Even if you are not too close to another brand, you can form relationships over-communicating through your social media.

Engage with your Followers

One of the easiest ways that you can keep bringing people into your page is by engaging with your followers. The more active that your page is, the more attention than it will get from potential followers. If you engage with your customers’ comments, then your engagement will show up on their social media accounts, which means that anyone that follows them will be made aware of your brand. Answering your followers also just makes them value your brand more as building up a good reputation is one of the most important things you can do when building up your brand.

Make Sure that your Page Looks Good

A very common mistake that businesses make is not focusing on the look of their page. Using social media platforms is a great opportunity to get your brand out there. There are also many customizable options on most platforms, so you can essentially put your brand’s color and logo wherever you see fit. It is important to make sure that your page is not messy and hard to navigate, as this will simply put off anyone that may be looking to browse your page and find out what kind of product or services that you may offer.

Keep Posting

When your page isn’t initially getting as much attention as you may like, it may be disheartening and so it is very easy to just give up and abandon your social media page. We recommend that you do not do that as you are essentially just giving up on free advertising space. Even if your page doesn’t reach the following that you are hoping for, you are still showing people your products, which will only benefit your business in the long run. It is better to keep trying to gain attention for your service rather than just giving up.

How to Sell Yourself As a Marketing Expert With Ease

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business so it is important that if it is your responsibility as a business owner you are doing everything that you can to learn new things and take your market research and turn it into something that is going to help bring in new customers. Even if you are not currently an expert in the field of advertising and marketing, do not fear as this is something that you will develop as you get further and further into your business progression. 


As you should in any case within marketing you should try your best to fake it until you make it, there are ways that you can make the process a lot easier for yourself but the fundamentals of advertising and marketing are something that you will have to learn if you want your business to thrive. Taking inspiration from existing examples of marketing content and seeing which strategies could easily be implemented within your own company are both greats ways that you can ensure you are spreading the word about your company as well as building your experience level, there really is no better way to learn than by putting yourself in new situations and this is no exception.   


Building Your Website

If you want to convey yourself and your company as a professional who should be taken seriously within their industry you will be in need of a high-quality website, your website provides potential customers with a platform where they can view any of your content and see a small glimpse of what your company is about and what kind of products or services you have to offer. Having your own website also gives you a place where you can freely post whatever marketing content you have available as well as ensuring that there is a place where people can find your contact details and even shop for products if you are able to set up an online store also. Digital marketing innovator Race Skelton has the perfect example of a high-quality website, if you are looking to learn more about Race Skeleton then his material and marketing strategies are available to view online.  


Social Media

If you really want to become an expert in the field of marketing then I would highly recommend that you look at ways that you can interact with people on behalf of your company. A great way that you can connect with new people who may go on to be potential customers in the future would be to set up a social media page. These platforms are free to use and can be maintained pretty easily as long as you can commit to providing a few simple posts throughout the week. Having a social media platform for your business is a great place for customers to find contact information and links to your websites and since it is free any sales you make from it have cost you nothing in marketing. Social media is one of the most used methods of communication so neglecting your business by not setting up a few easy-to-use accounts is going to affect the success rate of your marketing strategies and business as a whole.  



As mentioned previously, in order for your marketing strategies to be effective you will need to be in open communication with many people, you will need to conduct market research to establish the type of people who are most likely to have an interest in your services and products so that you can make a specific effort to appeal to them. Doing research is a huge part of any marketing as you will also need to think about areas and platforms for marketing that are going to be most effective depending on your industry and the products you are selling. 

Your market research can take place in a variety of different formats so I would recommend looking at different existing examples of successful strategies to see if there is anything that is relevant and could be implemented into your own work. Researching existing strategies from businesses that have seen a lot of success would be one of the best things for you to do especially if you are a beginner who is just getting started with the setup of a new company.  


Trial and Error

Becoming a marketing expert is something that will come with experience and time and with the growth of your business, it is important to try new things when it comes to your business, and experimenting with different marketing techniques and strategies would have to be one of the most effective ways to find the one that works the best for you. Everything should be considered a learning curve and any failures you experience within your marketing should be taken as an opportunity to learn areas that do and do not work for your company and the services you are trying to sell.  

As mentioned before, if you are struggling to come up with ideas for new strategies then why not try and see if there are any existing ones that you could alter to fit your brand in a way that really helps you find your area of expertise. As long as you are not directly copying an existing source there should be no [problems with doing this.  

The Importance of Aesthetics In the Marketing Field

Aesthetics refers to the way that things look and while it is the opinion of many that this is not an important factor to consider when you are conducting your advertising and marketing, I would argue that it is actually up there as one of the crucial aspects of the material you are creating. In order for your marketing strategies to be successful, you will need to strongly consider how attractive and appealing to the eye your material looks so that you can ensure your business’s success and furniture profits without worrying about making ends meet.  


Graphic Design

Taking advantage of the amazing graphic design technology that is available on the market would be the best way to ensure that you are up to date and keeping up with the competition, as well as the fact that you can alter and change different elements of your advertising material until you are happy with the finished product. This is a crucial tool in ensuring your marketing strategies are appealing to customers and that the design quality is aesthetically pleasing to the point where it would help encourage more people to visit your business to purchase your goods or services.  

Aesthetics are crucial to the success of your marketing as it provides the first impression with new customers if you are seen to be putting an effort into your unique and well-designed marketing material it is much more likely that someone will make a purchase with your company rather than going with someone else. If you are not the most experienced when it comes to graphic design then I would highly recommend that you invest the money into hiring out a private contractor or even bringing a graphic designer onto your team with a permanent position. Marketing is crucial for any business so having someone on your side who can help ensure all of the design work and content that you are putting out is up to a high standard would be a great investment for your business.  


Finding Existing Examples of Marketing Material

In the early stages of your business formation, you may find it difficult to know exactly what you should be doing to bring the most customers and revenue into your business, if you are not the most experienced do not worry as it is something that will come to you as you grow and progress your business after a few years of your opening. Looking for inspiration from existing companies and seeing how they have produced effective marketing content is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade such as the importance of aesthetics when it comes to advertising.  

A great example of where you can find high quality and direct communications between company and consumer would be on social media and websites such as online quizzes which give you a result based upon your personal answers. As these pages are more conversational in tone and include vibrant well-designed imagery to capture the reader’s attention they get some of the best online responses. As an example, this quiz helps you decide which color to die your hair, and while the concept is simple the way in which aesthetics have been taken into consideration is truly something that you could incorporate into your own content to ensure that people will react well and hopefully become a brand loyal customer who is going to bring you a significant amount of profit. Overall if you are not already making the effort with the design of your marketing material I would urge you to make the necessary changes immediately and see the difference in results and your business success rate.  

Brand Ambassadors: How to Dress and Style your Promoters

When it comes to owning a business, the most important element you should focus on is your branding. Branding is everything when it comes to running a successful business, it is what people recognize your company by and what makes you stand out from the rest of your competition.  

The way in which we promote our brands has changed a lot in the last few decades. Instead of relying on posters and billboards, brands have now started to utilize people. In an environment that is as busy as it is, people no longer have the time to stop and check out an ad. This means that a lot of businesses that did choose to advertise that way didn’t get as much attention as they wanted, which means that they only wasted their money and did not get the response that was expected.  

The lack of attention that standard advertisements get means that they are no longer an effective means of putting your brand out there. Instead, businesses are opting for methods that are more eye-catching and engaging for potential customers, and what is more engaging than a real-life human being? 


Businesses have started to employ workers known as ‘promoters’. The job of these promoters is to represent the business and engage with potential customers. Human beings that speak are a lot less difficult to ignore than a poster on the wall, which is why employing a promotion team is an extremely effective way to bring customers in.  

Though the success of employing a promotion team is extremely well known, effectively utilizing this team is something that requires a lot of expertise. Being an effective promoter takes a lot of training, as they really need to know the brand that they will be trying to sell to the public. Though having the information about the business is extremely important, there is no point teaching your promoters all of this needed knowledge if nobody will stop for them.  

The best way in which you can ensure that your promoters are approached by potential customers is by dressing them correctly, however, we understand that this is easier said than done.  Here are some useful tips on how to dress and style your business promoters.  


Make sure that they are clean  

It is important to remember that all workers that are a part of your business represent your company. If any of the promoters that you are employing look unkempt or are dirty, then people will be unlikely to approach them.  

If it doesn’t look like your promoters care, then why should any potential customers care about your brand? Determining whether or not someone has good hygiene can often be determined during the interview process, so this is why meeting any of your potential promoters in person is essential.  

It is recommended that you set some hygiene rules that your promoters must follow before they head out to promote your business, such as having clean hair and ensuring that they smell good. After all, nobody is going to feel the need to approach someone if they do not have a pleasant scent.  


Make sure that what they wear promotes your products or services

If you have promoters working on the streets, most people that go by will unfortunately not be able to stop and chat. This does not necessarily mean that they are not interested in your business, some people simply do not have the time to stop due to other commitments.  

Making the products and services that you have to offer clarity on the clothing of your promoters, will catch the attention of those rushing by. So if your business sold Alto Pods, it would be in your best interest to include an image of the product, along with the product name. Making these two things as large and clear as possible means that people will get to know your product better and may even choose to look it up at a later time.  


Use Vibrant Colors  

As humans, our eyes naturally latch onto anything that is especially bright and eye-catching. This is why the best way to lure in potential customers is by making sure that your promoters stand out. The bolder the color is, the more effective that it will be. Though you want to use bright colors, you do not want the colors that you use to be too abrasive. Colors like reds are off-putting to potential colors, so we recommend that you choose vibrant pinks, blues, or yellows.  

Depending on where you have decided to situate your promoters, it is likely that they will have other promoters to compete with.  Before you set your promoters free in the space, you should first take note of the other colors that are being used by the other businesses and then try and set your workers apart from the others within that area. 


Make them fun 

There is nothing more unappealing than seeing workers that look miserable. Promoting is hard work and sometimes workers cannot help but look a little worn out. The best thing you can do is try to disguise their tiredness and even perk them up a little by allowing them to integrate something fun into their work uniform. This could mean face paint or even a funky hat, this will invigorate your workers and even make them more appealing to the general public.  

How to Effectively Market your Products to Children

When making products aimed at children it’s important to know that dependent on the age of the child, you will also be marketing to parents of those children in a variety of ways.  


Young Children: 

For very young children who are unable to make decisions for themselves, you will completely be marketing the quality of that product towards parents. This means you have to sell the parents how said product would be useful for their young child. In this case, focus on the qualities of the product that a parent might find intriguing. Let’s take a baby bouncer for example. First focus on the good that it will do for the child, improving its development, keeping the child standing up and moving, and encouraging them to engage with the various toys and trinkets it might come with. The developmental aspect of the toy will make parents think that dit is zeker een van de beste cadeaus voor 2-jarige jongens and will encourage them to buy into it. Then, focus on the safety aspect. With very young children one of the biggest worry’s parents have is whether this thing is safe for their child so make sure they are aware that what you are selling is safe and easy to use. Finally, market the price. Children are expensive and children’s products are not making them any cheaper. But if you can provide a useful product at a reasonable price that goes a long way to making your product a standout amongst others.  


Older Children: 

As children get older you are going to have to be marketing to them more and more over their parents. This isn’t to say that you should ignore all the previous points going forward. They will be important to the product buying experience but make sure you consider the following. First, determine your target audience. Although we like to think that every person is completely unique, it’s not how things work in the marketing world. Figure out who your product is for before anything else. For ease, I will use stereotypes for young boys to illustrate. You’re making a product aimed at a 10-year-old boy, there is likely going to be a lot of the color blue. Market action, destructiveness, and ‘coolness’ above everything else because that is what will catch the kid’s eye which brings me onto the next point. Unlike with younger children, these older children will be you’re best marketing tool. In the end, you are still marketing to parents. They are the ones who will be making the purchase but if you can get the young boy or girl to really be interested in what you are selling then they are going to be the ones that will convince the parents to buy by grinding them down with begging and shouting leaving you with money in the pocket and one less item on the shelves.  

The CEO’s Guide to Interviewing New Staff

If you’re a new CEO then being given the important decision of which candidate to hire from the pool available can be daunting. Each staff member plays an important part in any organization, if you pick the most competent and knowledgeable then your company is bound to thrive but if you pick someone who lacks knowledge in various areas then in the long term your company will run into problems.

However, to make the decision more complex who to hire isn’t based purely on who has the most knowledge and is the most skilled, companies require a lot of teamwork on most tasks so if your new staff member is joining a team it’s important to know what the people in the team are like so you can make sure your new staff member gets on with them well. If the current team members clash with the new member of staff then this will also cause problems for the company as it will cause friction and potentially a hostile work environment which will damage the team’s morale and productivity. Even if you’ve been CEO for a long time this is still a high-pressure decision to make as a company is only as strong as its weakest staff member.

If you’re struggling with how to decide then take advice from successful CEOs who have had lots of practice making this decision and who always make the right choice for the company. We’ve compiled some of their best advice, from what questions to ask during the interview to reading how potential candidates will get on with exiting staff, to help you make this big decision.


What to Ask

Asking questions at an interview is the main way to get an idea of who the candidate is, how skillful they are in the field they’re applying for and what their personality is like, and how they’ll fit in at the office. You’ll want to vary the questions you ask so that you can start to form an opinion on these 3 things to see how much of an asset they would be if you gave them a role at the company.

The most common question that CEO’s recommend asking is what they know about the company and why they want to work there, this will make it evident if the individual knows about the company and they want to work for your company specifically if they do this is a good sign as it means they will try hard for the company as they will care about the company as a whole, not just about their career. Another good question to ask potential employees is about a disagreement they’ve had in a past job with a colleague or manager, this will help you to judge their character based on how they handled the situation, it will be a good way to see if you think they’d fit in with the morals of the company and the staff.

Finally, you could ask them how they handle tight deadlines to see if they will be able to handle the pressure of the job as it’s usually necessary to be able to deal with a heavy workload. Previous CEO’s have tried and tested these questions and found them to be some of the most successful as it gives you a lot of information.


Talk to Senior Staff

If you’ve gone through the interview process with all of your potential candidates and you’ve asked insightful questions and have an idea of what the candidates are like but you’re unsure how to decide as many of them are outstanding, then even though the decision ultimately ends with you, you don’t have to make it alone. Other senior members of your company will likely have also have experience in hiring new staff, whether at this job or a previous one and they’re there for you to discuss and ask advice from. They also may know some of the current employees better and be able to give advice on which candidate will match the personalities of the teams if many candidates have equal knowledge and are both interested in the company’s goals.