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The Complete Guide to Customer Profiling

Within any business, you are going to have certain types of people who are more inclined to invest in your products and services and those who are less likely to. With this in mind, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you think about different aspects of your business such as location and branding and how you can tailor these things to attract the type of customer who is more likely to spend their money with you. It should go without saying that if you are attracting customers who are suited to your companies ideals then you are going to see much more profit than if you were wasting time advertising to groups that are not very likely to go ahead with a purchase.  

 Choosing The Right Customer

 There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of customer that you want to direct your marketing material towards, you want to do your best to avoid missing any potential customers by not including them within your marketing. Some industries are simpler to decide than others but I would highly recommend that you partake in extensive market research to establish what the public feels about the recommended customer would be for your business.  

 If you are successful with your research you should have a better idea of the direction you should take your marketing material, if you are not seeing the results you desire then you can always alter your advertising material to cater to a wider audience. As you start making more sales and getting into the rhythm of running your business it is very likely that you will be able to see the types of customers you should cater to in a much clearer way.  

Social Media

 Social media is a very effective marketing tool that can also be used to conduct virtual market research into potential customers for your business. As a new business, you should be taking advantage of all of the business functions that are available within Instagram so using your account you could also conduct market research, this would save a lot of time and resources that would be spent doing the research in person and you can access a much larger amount of people pretty easily.  

You could also create a customer profile based upon the gender, age group, and lifestyle of the people who follow your pages, as the people who follow your accounts are likely to be people who are interested in your services you will be able to clearly see the type of customer who is likely to make a purchase with you. By posting regularly on your business accounts you are going to keep people interested and you could even plan Instagram stories to save time and ensure you are posting ahead of schedule.  

How to Find The Clientele relevant to Your Business.

 If you are a pretty new business it is likely that you may be struggling with finding the right customers for your business, this is not something you should worry about too much as you will establish this over time when you have gained more experience with running a business and keeping your customers happy. A great way to speed up the process would be to set up some kind of questionnaire where you could offer those who complete it a voucher, this would not only entice people to come back to your store but also provides you with valuable feedback that can be used to ensure you are catering to your customer’s needs.  

The CEO’s Guide to Interviewing New Staff

If you’re a new CEO then being given the important decision of which candidate to hire from the pool available can be daunting. Each staff member plays an important part in any organization, if you pick the most competent and knowledgeable then your company is bound to thrive but if you pick someone who lacks knowledge in various areas then in the long term your company will run into problems.

However, to make the decision more complex who to hire isn’t based purely on who has the most knowledge and is the most skilled, companies require a lot of teamwork on most tasks so if your new staff member is joining a team it’s important to know what the people in the team are like so you can make sure your new staff member gets on with them well. If the current team members clash with the new member of staff then this will also cause problems for the company as it will cause friction and potentially a hostile work environment which will damage the team’s morale and productivity. Even if you’ve been CEO for a long time this is still a high-pressure decision to make as a company is only as strong as its weakest staff member.

If you’re struggling with how to decide then take advice from successful CEOs who have had lots of practice making this decision and who always make the right choice for the company. We’ve compiled some of their best advice, from what questions to ask during the interview to reading how potential candidates will get on with exiting staff, to help you make this big decision.


What to Ask

Asking questions at an interview is the main way to get an idea of who the candidate is, how skillful they are in the field they’re applying for and what their personality is like, and how they’ll fit in at the office. You’ll want to vary the questions you ask so that you can start to form an opinion on these 3 things to see how much of an asset they would be if you gave them a role at the company.

The most common question that CEO’s recommend asking is what they know about the company and why they want to work there, this will make it evident if the individual knows about the company and they want to work for your company specifically if they do this is a good sign as it means they will try hard for the company as they will care about the company as a whole, not just about their career. Another good question to ask potential employees is about a disagreement they’ve had in a past job with a colleague or manager, this will help you to judge their character based on how they handled the situation, it will be a good way to see if you think they’d fit in with the morals of the company and the staff.

Finally, you could ask them how they handle tight deadlines to see if they will be able to handle the pressure of the job as it’s usually necessary to be able to deal with a heavy workload. Previous CEO’s have tried and tested these questions and found them to be some of the most successful as it gives you a lot of information.


Talk to Senior Staff

If you’ve gone through the interview process with all of your potential candidates and you’ve asked insightful questions and have an idea of what the candidates are like but you’re unsure how to decide as many of them are outstanding, then even though the decision ultimately ends with you, you don’t have to make it alone. Other senior members of your company will likely have also have experience in hiring new staff, whether at this job or a previous one and they’re there for you to discuss and ask advice from. They also may know some of the current employees better and be able to give advice on which candidate will match the personalities of the teams if many candidates have equal knowledge and are both interested in the company’s goals.

Is Instagram Going to Ban Sponsored Content?

Money makes the world go around. An age-old adage that is sadly very true. Particularly in our increasingly digital time. In the past, the internet was fairly free of adverts. Now, you cannot move for adverts on the internet. Wherever you look you see people either crying out for adverts to be removed and cut down, or the businesses claiming they need these adverts to survive.

Social Media platforms were designed to bring us closer together. To allow us to connect and communicate with the people we loved most. Now they have become platforms for social change. Influencers use them to advance their image and sway popular opinion. And these social media platforms have also become a major platform for companies to advertise their products on.



Instagram is one of the most powerful advertising platforms out of all social media sites. The fact it is very image-based means companies can market their products directly. But another tactic they use is hiring people to advertise their products discreetly. But new rumors suggest that Instagram might be moving to ban sponsored content.

In recent years Instagram has been adding more and more features that allow users to connect with their followers. The live streaming functions of Instagram TV, and now the inclusion of reels that functions similarly to TikTok. All these extra features mean there are more opportunities for people to include sponsored content.

With such a variety of how to post on instagram, it is no wonder more and more people are flocking to the platform by the day.


The Implications

It’s important to understand what kind of sponsored content they are looking to ban from their platform. Companies that are directly marketing their own product are well within their right to do so, as it is their account and their product. This type of advertising is not under threat, which is good news for smaller companies.

The big type of advertising they are trying to cut down on is stealth advertising. This is when a company pays a user to put their products in a live stream or their posts. The idea is to create an unnoticed association with their product in the viewer. But this type of content has been described as misleading. It is tantamount to trickery.

The rumors state that Instagram is going to follow the same trend as YouTube, which requires users to make it clear when their content is being sponsored. This means either saying it directly or adding a disclaimer. If they are found to be breaching these rules could face a potential ban from the platform.

Other Platforms

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms. So if they do make this change a permanent fixture of their platform, the theory is that more social media sites could follow suit. This could be especially useful for platforms such as Twitter which are drought with these stealth marketing tactics.

But many businesses are already looking to counter this move. Some are seeking to get more shares in these social media platforms to make sure they have a direct influence over what features the site implement. But a lot of governments are activley seeking to stop this. As social media becomes more influential, countires see it as a danger to allow any one company too much influence over the platforms, aside from their parent company of course.


Why Pictures Matter When it Comes to Marketing

Marketing has massively changed over the past ten years, in the past pictures didn’t matter when it comes to marketing but it has developed and they are now super important. Businesses used to advertise via yellow pages or paid advertising such as billboards, this has completely changed after the majority of people started using search engines.

The development of technology has majorly affected how marketing works too, as has the establishment of social media. Social media has changed the relationship between the consumer and the supplier, in the past consumers would be stuck on hold for long periods if they had complaints, the consumer’s attitudes have changed as marketing changed and now, they expect to be able to contact a company by social media and get a quick response.

The consumer now has more power as if they’re not satisfied with reply time then they’ll move on to another company who will respond faster, due to this as a company you’ll have to work harder at marketing yourself and selling yourself to consumers, using pictures is a big part of how to do this. If you’re stuck on old marketing techniques and haven’t adapted to this change then this article will help you realize why they’re so important.

Pictures in Marketing

We are currently living in an age where the majority of the population have a camera on their phones in their pockets which is making people get used to visual culture and language and so come to expect pictures in advertising. Taking pictures has become so accessible it’s become a part of everyday life, a fun fact about pictures is that 10% of all the photos ever taken were taken in the last 10 months so have increasing importance in marketing. There are some interesting statistics that highlight how pictures have taken over marketing, these include; articles that have images in them rather than just text attract 94% more views than articles without, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider a service or a product if there is a picture and including a photo in a press release gains around 45% more views. These make it clear that pictures increase interest which is vital to marketing techniques.


How to Use Pictures Effectively

Pictures that you use in marketing need to be of high quality, this is backed up by statistics as 67% of consumers believe that the quality of an image is important when deciding on a product to purchase and they rate the quality of the image of a product as more important than the product information, a detailed description and the ratings and reviews associated with the product. Instagram is a popular social media to take advantage of to use for marketing. Instagram stories are extremely useful for marketing as it allows you to post more often without appearing too much on your followers feeds and annoying potential customers.

It’s important that your posts look aesthetically appealing on this site, there are some tips on how to make your pictures look the best they can including taking photos with a high-quality camera and change the background color on your instagram story to either contrast with your post to make it pop or add to the aesthetic with a complimentary color. Facebook and Twitter have both also become social media’s that have become popular for marketing purposes too, most online stores or businesses that offer services will have a Facebook page, check any of them out and you’ll find that the successful ones have lots of pictures.

How Do Loan Companies Market Themselves so Successfully?

There are a few words in the English language that can strike fear into someone with ease. One of these words is the word Debt. It fills us with worry and anxiety. The idea that we can be haunted by these huge debt values that, in some cases, will be with us forever.

But sometimes debt can be positive. A debt of honor to be repaid. A life-long debt to a friend. The debt associated with the new house you just bought. Despite how scary it is, we happily put ourselves into debt to further our lives.

But why are we so willing to put ourselves into debt. One of the big reasons is because Loan Companies have done a fantastic job at marketing themselves over the last few decades. Marketing is a powerful tool. It can make the worst people look incredible. And we are going to look at exactly how Loan Companies manage to market themselves with such grace and decorum. And also look at how you can implement these strategies into your own marketing campaigns.



When it comes to dealing with loans and debts, there is a lot of red tapes. And we mean a lot. Even looking up something like an overview of the title loan regulations in Texas can seem like a daunting task to someone uninformed about how this all works.

So the first step loan companies often take is to make sure their marketing is clear and informative. Because the easiest way to win someone’s trust is to teach them about your service in a friendly manner. And that is exactly what they do. They will simplify the information and pass it along, allowing the customer to feel informed enough to make a decision, while also making them feel reassured and developing trust between them.



Loan Companies are frightfully consistent with their marketing. It is rare to watch TV without seeing at least a couple of loan adverts within an hour. It could be argued these adverts are as common as McDonald’s or Coke.

But consistency is not a bad thing. Far from it. While it may be annoying to see these adverts all the time, it is directly linked to how successful their marketing strategies actually are. Consistent marketing ensures maximum visibility. And visibility directly translates into new customers, no matter what your field of business is.

But consistency doesn’t just mean showering as many adverts out into the world as you can. You also need to be making sure the adverts are consistent in terms of content. What message are you trying to convey with a particular campaign? What demographic are you trying to hit? Your adverts need to be consistent in hitting these markers if you are to bring in new clients.



A lot of marketing is often focused on selling a product that, while helpful and in demand, is not entirely good for the people buying it. Fast food is unhealthy. Booze is poison. And loans come with debt. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to downplay all the negative elements relating to your product.

And no one does this better than loan companies. Have you ever noticed their adverts are bright and cheery? They use friendly faces, warm colors, and upbeat music. They avoid using the word debt almost always and they emphasize the fairness and quality of their interest-rates and repayment schemes.

But so much has been purposefully left out, much to their advantage. If they were to be brutally honest about their service, they would fail to bring in any new customers.

Downplaying isn’t a dirty word. Far from it. The commercial world is built up upon the very idea of downplaying the worst aspects of something so the customer can focus on the good and joy it can bring them.



So how can all of this be applied to your own marketing strategies going forward? If what you are trying to market is vastly different from the world of loans, don’t worry, these lessons still apply.

Firstly, you need to keep it simple. Hone in on your product or the message you are trying to convey. And then cut it down into bite-size portions. This is what you want to present to the world. The idea is to reel them in and make them ask you about it.

Second, be consistent. Make sure you are running a full campaign that stays on message, hits your target demographic, and is visible where it needs to be. Exposure equals sales down the line.

Lastly, downplay where it is needed. Don’t bog your customers down with needless jargon or negativity. Stay positive, stay on message and you will go far.